PowerPro hydro massage treatment using Susanne Kaufmann detox bath crystals available in Infrafit Center

PowerPro hydromassage treatment using Susanne Kaufmann

PowerPro hydro massage treatment using Susanne Kaufmann detox bath crystals available as of today ! ! !

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Hydro massage is an effortless way to stimulate your body’s natural processes, encourage good health, and let go of unnecessary daily stresses. In order to provide relief from stress, soreness, or arthritis, hydro massage encompasses three components: heat, buoyancy, and massage. The heat alone provides a load of benefits that refresh, revive, and relax. Immersion into hot water raises your body temperature which greatly increases blood circulation throughout every last capillary reviving every tissue, muscle, gland, and organ. The increased strength of blood flow ensures that even your extremities right to your fingertips and toes receive a full blast of fresh oxygen and nutrients while toxins are released. The increased flow of oxygen and nutrients stimulates important systems such as the lymph system which works as your body’s waste disposal service by draining contaminants out of your blood and tissues. Plus, your body reacts to the rising temperature the same way it reacts to a fever – the immune system is activated and there is increased lymphocyte cell production, the cells that combat sickness and ailments.

Meanwhile, the soothing heat sets off your body’s cooling system which makes you sweat. Sweating is a revitalizing detoxification process through your body’s largest organ, your skin. Metabolism improves as your body works too cool itself and circulate blood to the skin’s surface to release heat. Other systems that are stimulated include your nervous system and digestion. As if these benefits weren’t enough, this replenishing experience takes place is a calm and restful environment that is virtually weightless because of the buoyancy of water. Body weight is reduced by 90% which relieves pressure on joints, muscles, and mind. The last component of hydro massage that makes the hot tub experience remarkable, is the massaging action of the jets.

A combination of water and air stream through the jet nozzles at the precise pressure you desire. These diligent “water-hands” work the day’s stress out of achy muscles and embrace your tired back and feet with comfort and ease. Furthermore, the massaging action stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller.