Types of stress and the response of the body

Types of Stress

Stress can fit into one of the following categories: mental or physical. Mental stress is characterized by worries regarding money issues or the state of health, loss of somebody dear, or job loss. Physical stress agents include: sleep disorders, poor nutrition or the consequences of illness.

There are also “secret stress” agents, that seem to be the most harmful: make sure that your family members are fine, worries regarding your children, asking uncle Chuck to take care of himself, etc. These factors belong to a category called obligations.


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What is a Body to Do?

It is the way the body responds to stress.

First of all, heartbeat increases in order to pump more blood to the muscles. The following elements subject to the acceleration of blood pressure are the high blood pressure, respiration, and metabolism. In fact, your body has adapted a way to act rapidly and efficiently in situations of high pressure or threat, the so-called “fight-to-fight response”.

Now, imagine being in that state of alert for several hours and you will understand why stress turns into illness. Your balance to cope with stress is in danger. Your body simply cannot support this kind of stress without side effects like headaches, muscle stiffness or sleep disorders. If stress cannot be diminished or transformed into something positive, your body may have health issues, such as high blood pressure and a heart condition.