Matrix Regeneration Therapy

The Matrix- Regeneration-Therapy (MRT)

Dr. Bodo Köhler- CE certified medicine product – made in Germany

The progressive pollution and destruction of our environment has led to completely changed medico-clinical pictures of diseases. New symptoms are produced while other symptoms are completely veiled. The time of the textbook course of illness is past. With Matrix-Regeneration-Therapy a new concept for treatment is applied, which enables success to be achieved for many different indications and in particular in environmental disease. The use of MRT will bring reactions in the immune systems (alarm reaction according to Selye) which are needed to balance the body.

Detoxification and regeneration simultaneously!

The MRT device 503 serves the intensive tissue cleansing, de-acidification, improvement in the lymph flow and the microcirculation, supply of electrons supporting the anabolic metabolism, flooding with an activating red light, counter-pulsation of the capillary vessels and rhythmic activation of the tissue function to increase of the degree of order.

All body functions require an unhindered supply with nutrients and oxygen at a simultaneous good disposal of pollutants by the lymph. Illnesses and aging processes are usually result of tissue overloads. The basis supply is not ensured any more through this and the regeneration fails to appear. Chronic, degenerative sufferings are the result.

With the 3rd generation’s MATRIX REGENERATION THERAPY  Bodo Koehler, MD succeeded a deciding step in the future of medicine. By integration of the latest scientific knowledge the effectiveness of the MRT could be improved fundamentally. About bio-feedback the brain is included in the regeneration process as a central controlling organ for the first time!

The Matrix is the Wet-nurse of the Organic Cells

Without a functioning matrix (fundamental system) the organic cell is helpless. The fundamental system, by its dispersal, calls forth the uniting of all organic cells. A successful initial stage of therapy consists therefore primarily in reestablishing the normal functioning of the fundamental system. The matrix must be cleared of foci of inflammation and of toxic and residual substances. The Matrix-Regeneration-Therapy (MRT) consists of 3 synergistically acting components in one and the same working cycle:

  • The Bioresonance Therapy
  • Direct Current Treatment of the tissue (reversing the polarity),
  • Petechial Vaccum Extraction Massage

Bioresonance Therapy


The neutralization of pathological energy fields is the domain of Bioresonance Therapy. The special procedure of “Subtraction Delete Therapy” according to Dr. Bodo Köhler has been realized in the MRT appliance. Via the vacuum extraction electrode the released information on toxins is taken up and passed on to the controller to be processed. These pathological frequency patterns are then changed into therapeutic interference field signals and are fed back to the patient.

Direct Current Treatment of the Tissue


The loading state and the hormonal situation of the matrix are decisive for the therapeutic effect. Via a roller electrode running in advance a weak direct current voltage (1 V) is conducted into the tissue, whereby excessive loads of the affected tissue are channeled off. The polarity-reversed tissue becomes alkaline again. This is a precondition for normal metabolic functioning.

The Petechial Vacuum Extraction Massage

With this method a partial vacuum is generated in the tissue. As with ventouse extraction used-up blood laden with toxins is drawn to the surface. Thus the vacuum extraction electrode is at the same time an ideal input electrode for recording pathological frequency patterns for Bioresonance Therapy. The matrix is the fundamental system of the organism and comprises about 80 % of the entire mass of cells. It is the supply as well as the disposal system of cells of the organs and at the same time it is the home of the defense system of the body. Because of its fundamental importance for health this is the place where each effective therapy must be started in a case of illness. The application of Matrix-Regeneration-Therapy gives rise to several things simultaneously:

  • Deleting of pathological frequency patterns
  • Solving of waste products and toxins
  • Reversing the polarity of the tissue from negative to positive, whereby
  • Switching of metabolism from zymosis to glycolysis


  • all forms of allergies
  • all chronic diseases
  • tumours
  • chronic intoxication, heavy metals
  • viral contamination
  • immune deficiency
  • chronic skin problems
  • depressions

Please drink enough water after the treatment!


Source: Dr. Petra Wiechel and the Team Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle AG

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