Magnetic resonance therapy and frequency bio-feedback

The theory of Dr. Raymond Royal Rife, according to which each cell has its own vibration frequency, has been developed over the years through more and more performing methods, research tools and studies. In our clinic, some of the methodology and healing therapies are based on the latest and most secure bio-technologies in this area, which directly addresses the cause of the disease, not just the symptom.

As with the use of certain high frequencies one can break a glass, so there is the possibility of destroying certain microorganisms using specific frequencies. The discovery of this phenomenon and the development of a special method in this regard is due to Dr Royal Raymond Rife, an American researcher who in the 1930s dedicated his life to this innovation. Royal Raymond Rife has developed not only the most powerful optical microscope, but has also invented a device that, using specific frequencies, can destroy microorganisms, bacteria, viruses or parasites. He was the first person in the world to see live viruses using the microscope.

In this bio-frequency therapy, there are several possibilities of destroying the biological causes of a wide range of diseases caused by microorganisms, evolved parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals or fungi. This therapy can often replace antibiotic treatments and in some cases prove more effective than this. Treatment does not affect the beneficial bacteria in our body, such as those of normal intestinal flora. The frequencies used are specifically established for a particular pathogen, and the frequencies concerned are the sole destruction of the target culture.

A therapy lasts between 3 and 10 sessions, depending on the patient’s condition, age, immunity, and a session lasts between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

The bio-frequency system is a function generator that connects the human body to the cellular level. It is active through “bio-feedback” established by electro-physiology laws. This means there is a bio-frequency dialogue between body and system through the biological window of each body. Each body has a vibrational trait in which it exists. These frequencies make micro-organisms vibrate in a range of frequencies 1000 times lower than human cell vibrations. So this allows us, non-invasively, to enter the human body and manipulate the activity of these micro-organisms to their elimination from the human body.

Since many of these micro-organisms serve as pathogens in the human body, it results that their removal from the body leads to the elimination of diseases created by them. Thus, disease can be successfully addressed by some special positive wave algorithms that produce interference fringes, creating an effect already discovered in the 50’s in San Diego, called “electro-porosion,” the application of which leads to disintegration from the body of harmful micro-organisms.

This deletion of harmful micro-organisms is both effective and without negative collateral effects towards the patient. It identifies and eliminates even the most insidious micro-organisms that go beyond the secretion system. We are talking about those situations where traditional methods exclusively involve biopsy to detect them.

It has to be stressed that bacteria, fungi, there are already products that are effective in treatment, but for some viruses, the current pharmacology can not reach them and eliminate them definitively. Medicines can rationalize their multiplication, but not disintegrate.



By this method we can focus both on the destruction of harmful micro-organisms at the microscopic, intracellular level, as well as on the detoxification of the body by heavy metals, which very often saturate the body to the detriment of human health.

So you can also do a body loosening of these substances that are very damaging to your metabolism. Otherwise, they continue to block enzyme production and create chronic inflammation. Once a personalised therapy is created, the power of the mother of nature can restore bio-cybernetic circuits in the original cellular bio-cellular communication of the body and the body begins to get better. It addresses the CAUSE, not just the symptom of the problem, and this also avoids the patient’s iatrogenic condition, that is, the harmful effect resulting from the influx of drugs with serious collateral effects for the patient, either psychologically or physically.



This type of treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, those with a pacemaker (defibrillator), those with arterial aneurysm, pacemaker; stent at the cardiac or cerebral level; aneurysm; organ transplantation.