Exercising during DETOX

Should we combine such a program with exercise?

”Light exercise” is beneficial because it helps speeding up metabolism acceleration and, consequently, the burning off of calories.

However, during detox, one should not overburden the body through sport. The shock produced by sudden change of food and specific therapies for detox should not be amplified by sports overload. Consequently, the recommended activities are swimming, Pilates, power walking, and InfrafitX therapy, which, besides physical activity itself, accelerates metabolism and burns fat.” Prof. Dr. Emilian Dobrea
What is the role of InfrafitX therapy during detox?

During detox, the metabolism tends to slow down because the digestive system is in thorough rest. This is when InfrafitX therapy steps in by maintaining metabolism within optimal rates; these results cannot only be achieved by traditional physical activity.


INFRAFITX is the most advanced technology in the world in regard with weight loss and melting centimeters due to the acceleration of fat burning. That technology is certified worldwide and represents the result of 20 years of scientific and medical research on human metabolism and on the reason why the body accumulates more fat than it consumes.” Prof. Dr. Emilian Dobrea