Anti-aging Treatment Susanne Kaufmann Signature

This exceptional anti-wrinkle treatment offers exceptional results. It reduces significantly the fine wrinkles, improves skin firmness and increases elasticity. Anti-aging Signature treatment is the Rolls-Royce of Susanne Kaufmann brand. It is the most powerful, complete and complex anti-aging and rejuvenating treatment of Susanne Kaufmann’s prestigious brand portfolio. Organic products of line A (anti-aging) that include the highest concentration of active compounds are exclusively used. Signature treatment requires a holistic approach; it includes a detoxifying leg- bath, detox baths for the liver area, reflexo massage for the soles, mask and massage for the hands, and facial anti-aging treatment.

The treatment depends on the client’s type of skin and includes: face cleansing, skin tone, enzyme peeling, penetrating products masage, cocktail of masks, line A (anti-aging) products, facial massage, decolletage massage, neck-massage, reflexo or scalp massage.

  • Results: Organic enzymes act on the skin layers, stimulating and accelerating biological exfoliation up to 70% and face hydration up to 35%. Fine wrinkles are significantly reduced, skin firmness and elasticity are improved. The skin is cleansed, wrinkles visibly smoothed, lifting effect is instant, skin is noticeably smoother, radiant and rejuvenated. Collagen production is activated and blood circulation is improved. Special micro-circulatory massage techniques are combined with concentrated organic products in order to smooth, sculpt, and restore skin radiance.
  • The advice of Susanne Kaufmann: this is an especially recommended treatment for uneven skin, fine wrinkles, and stained skin. For best results, three sessions are recommended.