What is DETOX

Body detoxification means removal from the body of toxic waste accumulated during the body functioning and restoration of a right internal environment on all tissue levels.

Body detoxification process has extraordinary positive effects on the state of health. However, detoxification is the most efficient when taken preventively, before the occurrence of the disease.

DETOX, through its specific therapies, cleanses the colon, the filter organs, and the internal environment.
We are all used to wash our face, our hands, and body on a daily basis –  in other words, we clean the exterior of our body. It is equally important to wash the interior of our body.
Washing the exterior of our body helps keeping one’s beauty and attactiveness. Washing the interior of our body helps us maintain our health until old ages, have more energy, optimal immunity, stay away from disease, radiate a certain body light which belongs to a well groomed body.

DETOX stops the development of diseases, body damage, lack of vitality, and premature aging. It increases vitality, immunity, and the energy levels.

„Any treatment, even massage and acupuncture, should start with the body cleansing.   Otherwise, the toxins will merge in the depth of the cells. There will be a temporary effect, but sooner or later, the disease will return in multiple ways”.  Ayurveda, the oldest medicine.