Treatment for alkalizing pH of skin, face & body Susanne Kaufmann

Holistic alkalizing treatment against free radicals and tissue detoxification that significantly supports skin rebalance. This treatment is meant to absorb excess sebum, close open pores, and to give skin a matte and fine appearance.

The treatment is adapted to the various types of skin and includes: face cleansing, skin tone, enzyme peeling, microdermabrasion with diamonds, penetrating products massage, cocktail of detox masks and alkalization, facial massage, décolletage massage, neck-massage, reflex or scalp massage. In parallel, detox wraps will be applied on the legs and liver areas.

  • Results: Ph. is changed, epidermis is deeply cleansed and hydrated. The complexion regains its brightness and blood circulation is improved. Microcirculatory special massage techniques are combined with concentrated organic products to smooth, sculpt, and restore skin radiance.
  • Susanne Kaufmann’s advice: this treatment is specially recommended to people undergoing a DETOX program, as well as to people with congested skin, that are permanently exposed to daily stress. For best results, 2-3 sessions are recommended.