Specialised Diagnostics BEV Method

BEV - in interior

bulina-01 What is Vincent’s Bio-Electronic method (BEV)?

The method Bio-Electronic Vincent (BEV) has been founded by the French hydrologist Prof. Vincent in 1935 who opened up an entirely new frontier in clinical evaluation and serial therapy control.

Nowadays the BEV method is the most advanced technological instrument in the world to support the early detection of all illness tendency processes, including the risk of malignant processes, bacterial infections, polyglobulism, thrombosis, mineral deficiencies, anemia, diabetes, acute conditions in the liver, gall bladder and pancreas, mycosis, prostatitis, mesenchyme alkalosis high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cognitive impairment and acidosis.

The methods is useful for diagnosing immune-system diseases; allergies and auto-immune diseases; metabolic diseases; environmental/toxicological diseases; heart/circulatory diseases; nervous-system diseases (CFS, MS); chronic diseases and chronic/toxic diseases of the digestive organs; degenerative diseases of the skeletal system; and viral and bacterial infectious inflammatory diseases.

BEV method allows us to identify and anticipate the potential of a disease, to detect a predisposition and thus take the necessary measures to prevent or delay the onset of disease. Once we are aware of the risk involved in developing any disease, we can (under the supervision of a specialist) take suitable and necessary measures to avoid that situation and personally redirect the patient. Early treatment and proper living habits allow prevention before the onset of symptoms and side effects. Correctly applying preventive medicine will help us live longer and have a better quality of life.

The given evidence of disease is made at the cellular level which enables one to detect and correct any imbalance before a condition becomes pathological and requires more invasive medical procedures.

bulina-01 How does it work?

BEV method can predict and prevent from modern diseases

The biological terrain is stipulated by measurement techniques and key bio-marker tests especially selected to objectively and quickly identify hidden biological terrain imbalance and then evaluated by computer to provide information about a pending illness.

The health practitioner will get little amount of your blood, saliva and urine as these are necessary for the measurements.

The specimens of blood, urine, and saliva are analyzed by a device, which determines the pH, resistivity, and redox values of each of these fluids.

These factors are the indicators of the nature and processes of the individual’s unique biochemistry, including the current status and activities of its enzymes, amino acids and other vital building blocks of life.

The pH of these fluids can indicate whether the patient’s system is too acidic or too alkaline, whether enzymatic activity in the body is occurring properly and if digestion and absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients are occurring adequately. It can also alert the health-care provider of the presence of damaging environmental or industrial contaminants, substances that can prove very damaging to the body’s delicate chemistry.

The oxidation-reduction values indicate the state of oxygen in the individual’s system. Because of the effects of stress, poor air and food quality, and the lack of aerobic exercise typical of most, these values are generally much lower than they should be to sustain a healthy body. If these values remain low for extended periods of time, the body becomes more susceptible to illness, disease, degeneration and premature aging.

The three redox values that are obtained and studied give the practitioner important information about the electron potential and movement within the body. Such information alerts the health provider of the degree of oxidative damage as well as the potential of vital and life-sustaining chemical reactions.

The nine values are then analyzed and plotted by the instrument’s computer software onto a report that contains graphs and charts. The data are then assessed by the practitioner and used as a teaching guide to share with the patient.

The BEV method benefits:

– Early detection of all illness tendency processes

– Monitoring the successful progress of applied therapies

– Quality determination of substances such as medication, food, water etc.

– Measurement of the physical parameters pH, rH2 redox potential and resistivity with precision combi-electrode (only 3.5 ml sample required)

– Approximately 30 differential diagnoses have been documented (cause and possible therapies).

bulina-01 What to expect?

The health practitioner will invite you to relax in a cozy atmosphere while clinically monitoring the entire internal biochemical environment of your body.

In 15 minutes the results of these three parameters will determine your terrain state of health will predict and prevent you from modern diseases.

bulina-01 BEV method in body detoxing

The human body is constantly absorbing and giving out radiant energy, exchanging ions for other ions to form different substances, molecules, or compound bodies. These are called chemical changes, caused by their different chemical affinities and are electrical in nature. Ions are nascent particles carrying electric charges, either positive or negative, which are split from molecules of matter in solution when dissociation takes place. They are in rapid motion and are always seeking to establish equilibrium.

The work of Professor Louis-Claude Vincent assessed the life energy balance and the internal environment and found a method to measure these ions.

He termed this “the body electric”, measuring the building blocks of life: the elements of amino acids, enzymes, ions, and atoms found in the bodily fluids of blood, urine and saliva. He found monitoring the values of pH (acidity or alkalinity), oxidation-reduction (electron) potential, and resistivity (the molecular ion movement) of the body fluids (blood, urine and saliva) provided unique information of a particular patient’s susceptibility to illness.

This internal environment is like the terrain of the soil in which a farmer grows crops. If the soil is too acid or too alkaline, has too much or too little oxygen or nitrogen, or has an imbalance of other nutrients, the crops will either not grow, or will become weakened and more susceptible to microbes and other forms of disease.

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