INFRAFITX – the world’s leading technology in weight loss and fat metabolism control

“It’s much easier than you think or than you’re explained …”

Fabio Marchesi – inventor of the MIACT technology and InfrafitX system; Scientist, Inventor, Writer, Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Doctor of therapeutic applications of light, and author of numerous books translated into over 70 languages​​, Engineer (ITS Fribourg, CH) and PhD in Computer Science (Univ. of Milan), Professor of hermetic philosophy

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INFRAFITX is a unique and worldwide patented technology as a result of over 20 years of scientific and medical research on human metabolism and on the causes that may lead the body to accumulate and store fat more efficiently than to consume it. 

INFRAFITX system owes FDA approval and is patented by the medical industry in the U.S.A since 1998. The patents and approvals extended to European Union and Australia in 2012

Romania is the 5th EU member state that took over the INFRAFITX franchise in November 2012.

INFRAFITX launch event in Romania

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How does INFRAFITX work ?

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INFRAFITX is an effective solution which acts on the real couse of the metabolic imbalances and exploite the same psycological mechanisms that may have produced the overweight fat.

INFRAFITX operates straight to the basal metabolism, which is accelerated, “re-educated” and restarted”, generating this way a much greater efficiency in the use of fat as a primary energy source.  Accumulation trend is rapidly reversed.
During treatment, the hypothalamus, which is the body control center of appetite, metabolism and thermoregulation responds to the synergic action of informed infra-red and starts generating the reduction of the body fat through reactivation and stimulation of the aerobic metabolism and the psychological ability to effectively consume the body fat.

INFRAFITX changes fat metabolism which becomes more efficient at burning fat from a session to the other. The muscles burn more calories and fat even when resting. This ability improves with time and gives lasting results.

INFRAFITX increases the detox process. Detoxification promotes cardio-vascular efficiency, reduces the risk of heart diseases and increases longevity. Infrared penetrates the body up to 3 inches deep. This fact allows the body to absorb the energy from the infrared which helps to increase the core temperature of the body, the cellular blood flow and to generate a deep detoxification of the tissues and fat is easily metabolized.

INFRAFITX increases the energy levels. During treatment the fat is not metabolized through the liver but is transformed straight into energy. The body uses fat as an energy fuel instead of glucose. HOW? – During the treatment the fat is released into the bloodstream by the adipocytes which have been exposed to the infrared rays and is transported by the circulating blood to the active gluteus muscles which transforms it straight into energy.

INFRAFITX increases the calorie burn up to 10 times the normal rate.

INFRAFITX progressively removes the water retention through a heavy sweating process during the treatment.

INFRAFITX significantly reduces the level of stress, anxiety, insomnia and even depression InfrafitX treatment stimulates the production of melatonin, endorphins and also increases cerebral serotonin concentration improving the emotional state. It is known that as a mood booster infrared can’t be beat. The overall feeling of well-being starts with the very first session. Light therapy has long been used as aid in depression and respite from the doldrums and gloom of the winter and the effects of SAD.

INFRAFITX strengthens skin defenses.

Noticeable improvement in skin texture and obvious scars through the use of infrared.

INFRAFITX naturally and significantly reduces the appetite for carbohydrates because INFRAFITX is powered by the consumption of fat and not sugar. In short, who has “sugar burning” muscles will always be hungry, who has “fat burning” muscles won’t.

INFRAFITX strengthens and tones the muscles which improves the general appearance and increases the muscles’ capacity to burn fat.

INFRAFITX reduces and even eliminates pain in muscle or bones. Infrared has been scientifically proved to support the pain management and recuperation of sports injuries, arthritis and more.

INFRAFITX changes the appearance and body shape. InfrafitX reduces body fat in the most wanted areas and gets rid of unsightly fat deposits because the infrared stimulate the lipid metabolism and encourage the reduction of the body parts exposed to the lights. First signs of an accelerated metabolism is the decrease in circumference – centimeters loss.

INFRAFITX generates lasting results because the results obtained with INFRAFITX will not only reduce the body fat but also change metabolism. The body learns step by step to function more efficiently. The muscles learn to burn more calories and fat even when resting.

INFRAFITX improves lifestyle overall because it can open eyes to a new philosophy of life and therefore to a better one.

Infrared energy, or thermal energy, without which life could not exist on this planet, penetrates the surface of the skin up to 3 inches. This is possible because the vibration produced by infrared energy is exactly identical to that of water, which makes up 75% of our bodies.  The fact that these two entities resonate at the same frequency allows our bodies to absorb up to 93% of the infrared energy and utilize it to maintain and improve our health.

Infrared energy is a part of the range of electromagnetic spectrum that is absolutely necessary for metabolism and growth in humans and are part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight, minus the cancer-causing UV. NASA scientists have utilized this heat to maintain the cardiovascular fitness of its astronauts during their in-flight phases of inactivity.


  1. Illness, disorders and disturbances linked to hepatic functions
  2. Metabolic illnesses, especially those regarding the function of the thyroid
  3. Defective lymphatic system
  4. Diabetes (type 1)
  5. Metal implants near the areas to be treated
  6. Artificial Pacemaker
  7. Pregnancy
  8. Skin problems affecting the area to be treated: lesions, rashes, infections, etc.


  1. Carry out the treatments regularly (not more than two or three days max. should pass between one treatment and the next as the information received by the body is automatically removed through the regular body’s detox process in 48 hrs.)
  2. During the treatment period, try not to take in more calories that your body requires in order to maintain a stable weight (don’t eat more than usual).
  3. Totally remove from the alimentation pork and its variants, white bread and pastry. Generally speaking all meat is considered a source of toxins and it is proven that generates an acid environment into the body. These toxins are deposited by the body mainly into the adipose tissue. Once continuing eating meat (especially pork) during the InfrafitX treatment the process of unblocking toxins slows and the results are to be waited longer than usual which is to be avoided.
  4. Avoid any exposure to cold. Avoid swimming in water of less than 32° C. Avoid cold showers. InfrafitX treatment generates hyperthermia very deep into the adipose tissue. This hyperthermia maintained into the body from a session to the other generates a message on-going transmitted to the hypothalamus which is actually tricked that the body has much more fat that it actually has. Therefore the hypothalamus starts accelerating the fat metabolism. If cold baths or showers are taken during InfrafitX the hyperthermia is removed by coldness and the objective of the treatment fails. A constant increased core temperature is key factor in moving the toxins out of the body.
  5. Drink 2-3 L of water, if possible with a low fixed residue, before, after and during treatments. During InfrafitX treatment is more important the quantity of water than the alimentation in itself as this is the most powerful way to flush out toxins. If toxins are not removed the “unblocking” does not happen. When the body is overloaded with toxins, whether it is from the contaminants in the food we eat, the air we breathe or the liquids we drink, the body’s metabolism slows down up to serious and lasting blocks. This sluggishness and lack of energy causes the body to create more and more fat cells to store the excess toxins, establishing in the end a vicious cycle.
  6. Avoid restrictive diets but focus on a healthy and balanced alimentation (60% row food if possible).
  7. Breathe well while exercising in order to ensure that the muscles and, the whole body receive sufficient oxygen. The metabolism of the fat is defined as aerobic because it requires oxygen, it is therefore important to provide oxygen when having the treatment.
  8. Keep the activity at a reduced level of intensity, but constant, during the course of the 40 minute treatment. This is important in obtaining weight loss and in having long-lasting results. InfrafitX is not based on excessive effort as usual cardio exercising in fitness centers. It is powered by the consumption of fat. Therefore In case of an instant  increase in the level of effort which is not made gradually from a session to another the body automatically gets into an “alert mode” which switches the consumption of fat into a consumption of sugar which is clearly to be avoided. In case of “sugar burning” there appears the muscle soreness which is not the case in “fat burning”. Therefore if activity lasts for less time than 40 min or is too intense, the risk is that the anaerobic metabolism (the creation of energy through the combustion of carbohydrates only in the absence of oxygen) would remain active consuming as fuel only sugar which means that fat is not burnt, a situation which is to be absolutely avoided.
  9. Remove any quartz wrist watches and mobile phones during the treatment because they may disturb the cardio frequency meter

MIACT technology is based on 4 principles.


Aerobic Metabolism: metabolism of fat in the presence of oxygen

Anaerobic Metabolism: Metabolism of glucose (sugar) in the absence of oxygen.

1st principle :

The environmental temperature of body fat conditions the body’s metabolism. Heat favors aerobic metabolism and inhibits anaerobic metabolism. Cold favors anaerobic metabolism and inhibits aerobic metabolism

2nd principle :

Following the activation of the aerobic metabolism, the warmest body fat will be the first to be metabolized.

3rd principle:

Fat is an excellent thermal insulator, but may be effectively warmed up, deep down, by near infrared rays.

4th principle:

The aerobic threshold is subjective. Sedentary individuals have an inefficient aerobic metabolism and its reactivation can be achieved by low intensity cardiovascular physical effort, carried out at a constant intensity, without interruptions. The infrared rays added to the physical activity enormously reduce the time necessary for the reactivation of the aerobic metabolism.

Why do we gain weight?

  • Because the fat burning metabolism is not efficient.

Why do we not succeed in losing weight?

  • Because of a slow and inefficient fat metabolism
  • Because of an excessive accumulation of body toxins that cause metabolism blocks.

In addition to the energetic and heat insulator functions of the body fat, it also acts as a deposit of toxins and the reason is that fat cells, unlike the muscle tissue, do not consume calories, but on the contrary, they store them.

Why do we have such an appetite for carbohydrates?

  • Because the body level of serotonin is low

Why don’t we always have a positive emotional state?

  • Because the body levels of endorphins, serotonin and melatonin (“happiness substances”) are low


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