Detox hydromassage

What a hydromassage system is?

Hydro massage system is really like a gym in a bath tub. One can use hydromassage system 10 – 15 minutes every day, once or twice. This can burn 200 – 300 kcal each time and hence help reduce blood sugar levels. This can be good support in management of diabetes or weight loss programs.

How does hydromassage system work?

Millions of strong bubbles produced per minute can stimulate, oscillate and massage 320 points over the body with rhythms, and also can help to dilate the vessels and promote blood circulation and the movement of lymph. Besides, these bubbles can massage the muscles, produce warming and relaxing effect, promote circulation and ease fatigue rapidly.

Benefits of the hydromassage

Body Detox

Oxygen starvation at the cellular level leads to internal toxicity. Flooding the body with oxygen enhances health in so many ways, reducing its habitability to viruses and bacteria, aiding greatly in the elimination of waste and toxicity and providing enhanced alertness and vigor. As the skin is an excretory organ of the body and large numbers of metabolic end products are expected to be excreted from the body through the skin. However, due to modern lifestyle, environmental conditions, and closure of most of large number of skin pores results accumulation of metabolic end products in body, thus burdening kidneys in intestine to remove such metabolic wastes. Person getting hydromassage sweat in the bath tub, and thus excretes lots of such metabolic end products and toxins, hence helping body detoxify.

Mental fatigue, pain & stress relief

Mental fatigue and stress related disorders are very common these days due to hectic lifestyle and environmental onslaughts. Such conditions may benefit well from the hydromassage. Due to physiological as well as psychological reasons, this therapy is particularly helpful for those who suffer with insomnia, anxiety or stress-management issues and also used as a method of pain relief for a number of conditions. Those with soft-tissue injuries, arthritis, chronic pain, lupus, tendonitis, injuries and a number of other pain-related conditions may benefit from hydro massage. This is because the warmth of the water combined with the pressure of the massage help increase circulation throughout the body. This helps trigger the body's natural ability to manage pain. Plus, it helps release toxins built up in the muscles and releases the natural endorphins responsible for relaxation in the body.

Hydrotherapy with warm water and the buoyancy of being submerged in water, work together to release body tensions, loosen stiff muscles, and to make the blood flow more freely.

Weight management

Since 15 minutes of hydromassage helps burn 200 to 300 kilocalories and is equivalent to about 3 km of jogging; it helps reduce weight, provided caloric intake is also managed properly. As hydromassage system has exercise effects while body is submerged inside water (buoyancy, less gravity, hydrostatic pressure, density and bubbles), it acts to tone up body, slimming and shaping it towards natural body contours.

Skin care and skin cleansing

The ultrasonic bubbles creates micro-vibrations that can effectively shake out all dirt from 150,000 pores of the skin, so one can literally feel clean and light as skin can breathe better then. The bubbles also strengthen and improve the structure of the skin, and at the same time are sources of great relaxation for the skin. Beside this, using essential oils can make achieve the best results of absorption.

Cautions and warning notes

The use of hot water, hydromassage system and bubble bath is not recommended in case of: Epilepsy; No tunnel IV catheters; Respiratory dysfunction; Bleeding disorders; Heart problems; Skin infection; Fever; Vomiting; Open wounds; Atopic eczema