DETOX symptomatology

DETOX symptomatology

The effects of a DETOX program can be immediately found on health, on silhouette and on the skin appearance.

The immunity and energy levels are greatly increased, the blood is cleansed, the cholesterol is lowered, the oxygenation and cell regeneration processes are accelerated and the acidity in the body is replaced with an alkaline environment, which creates a biological terrain that is not predisposed to diseases development.

In addition, when DETOX the body eliminates fluid retention, significantly reduces both fats around internal organs as well as adipose tissue mass and the weight loss registered is aprox. 1-1.5 kg per day.

What should I expect on a DETOX ?

The time has come to repair your body from the effects of years of poor diet, environmental pollution, alcohol consumption, and whatever else your body has had to endure. As your body cannibalizes on sick cells and fat, toxins are released into the blood and can make you feel at worst like you have cold-like symptoms. But don’t fear. This period is short and will only last for a few days. Stick with it! It is not unnatural to think that feeling this way must be an indication that you should discontinue juicing and resume eating. You know what they say, “better out than in.” The more toxins that you have in your body the worse you will feel. So those of you of who have only ever eaten home grown organic foods and drunken twice-blessed holy water, don’t fear! The rest of us… it will take a little will power. However, take refuge in knowing that the lower the lows, the greater the highs.

Yes, you will feel like the animated characters in the red bull adverts that sprout wings and majestically fly around the sky. The feelings of contentment and well-being can be overwhelming, with increased endorphin levels, cleaner and more efficient brain function and nearly every cell in your body whipped into shape you are going to feel better than you have done in years. If not ever!

Those who have stored a little more emergency supply fats than required will be happy because as toxins are stored in the fat these will be burned used as fuel.

As you progress further into the cleansing process, your body moves to repairing old injuries. Your body’s ability to heal is directly related to lifestyle. So if you were living on junk food and let’s say smoking the level to which your body would be able to heal itself at the time of the injury would have been compromised.
This stage is very beneficial though it can be a little unpleasant as old injuries may become irritated for a short period whilst healing.

DETOX – STAGE ONE (Days 1- 2)

During this first stage your blood sugar will drop to below 70 mg/dl. Your body will convert liver glycogen into glucose, which will then be released into your bloodstream in an effort to restore the body’s normal blood sugar levels. After approximately 12 hours your body will reduce its basal metabolic rate, thereby lowering your blood pressure, further glycogen is then taken from muscle. The body does this to conserve energy. Most people feel the benefits of a juice cleanse from as early as the first day, with increased energy and alertness, though if your diet has been poor prior to starting the cleanse you may feel a little weak during this first stage, but this should last no longer than 3 days.

DETOX – STAGE TWO (Days 3 – 7)

Stage two is a period of internal cleansing and healing for your entire body. With a nearly inactive digestive tract, there will be an increase in the activity of your immune system and white blood cells.
Your body will be drawing energy for this process from fat stores and toxic cells. These are broken down to provide glycerol from the glycoside molecules and these are then converted into glucose. Your colon is also undergoing repair and any impacted faces will start to loosen. Colonic irrigation can quickly assist by removing all undigested food remaining in your colon. Your desire to eat should now have completely subsided.
Your energy levels should be high, with glowing skin and a flatter tummy.


This stage is a period of continued healing. Your body’s ability to heal has vastly improved and the increased activity in your white blood cells means that they are now searching out injuries, which have been previously healed incompletely, and repairing them. At this stage of a detox you should experience high levels of energy together with a heightened clarity of mind. You should now truly be reaping the benefits of the programme.