DETOX effects on weight

How much weight will I lose?

How much weight you lose really depends on your start weight and on the purpose of your cleanse. Weight loss for a larger person can be from 1 kg per day slowing down every 2-3 days. Many toxins are stored in fat cells and whilst consuming a juice only diet the body breaks these down for fuel. If weight loss is not your main objective then alterations will be made to your programme to stabilize your weight.

Will I gain all my weight back after the cleanse?

If you simply go back to bad eating habits and do not make any lifestyle changes then the simple answer is yes. However, that would make starting the program pointless in the first place. We aim to re-educate you in the way you eat, and fuel your body. Naturally, you will gain some weight as you reintroduce foods to the digestive system and colon, but this is just transitional weight.
Most people find that after cleansing and adjusting their diet, weight loss continues…