What is decontracting massage ?

This massage is an excellent technique for solving muscular problems and is especially suitable for people with contractures, lumbar discomfort and stress.

This technique releases muscle tension and muscle spasms, removes muscle knots, restores body balance, reduces high blood pressure and increases the oxygen supply to the muscles.

How decontracting massage works?

The decontracting massage works on specific areas of accumulated muscle tension in the body. Stress, bad postures or intensive physical activity can cause contracted muscles and the best way to treat this is a good decontracting massage given by members of the team of experts in Infrafit Center.

The decontracting massage consists in massaging localized areas of pain or contracted muscles, to relax and eliminate muscle spasms, get rid of muscle knots, reduce high blood pressure and increase the oxygen supply to the muscles.

During the massage the therapist focuses on your physical and emotional well-being, helping you to reach a deep level of relaxation that has long-term benefits even when the treatment is over.

Normally the therapist concentrates on the back which is the part of the body that seems to be affected the most by this type of problem due to bad postures and emotional or psychological stress.

The decontracting massage is highly recommended for people who, due to nervous system disorders, different types of tension including contracted muscles, stiffness or aches and pains, need to restore their body balance. This is achieved through different types of manipulation including rubbing, massaging, and putting pressure on the affected area.

The decontracting massage is one of the most popular therapeutic massages available.