Colon Hydrotherapy

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Whether you wish to detoxify your body or to have a flat stomach, colon cleansing therapy will make the difference between failure and success.
Specialists in Hydrocolonotherapy at INFRAFIT will explain EVERYTHING and will evaluate you from a medical perspective before starting a colon cleansing program.
Cleansing the colon is extremely important for health. 
If the idea of colon cleansing seems stodgy, let us think this way: the bowel is the evacuation system of the body. How many times do we cleanse it?

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is an easy, safe, and effective cleansing of the colon (large intestine) that removes waste, toxins, mucus, and gas. The colon is cleansed, hydrated, and trained to evacuate the waste efficiently. Once you have completed this procedure, you will feel cleaner, lighter, and revitalized.


A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy and clean colon and, since it is the sewerage system of the body, the colon needs to be cleansed once in a while. Cleansing the colon is a way to remove mucoid plaque and toxins and also to regain vitality. Of all the factors favoring disease, 90% represent a dirty colon. In the colonic folds waste gathers, that looks like plaster hardened mucus, forming the so-called mucoid plaque that “lies” there for years. Being highly acidic, residues and toxins penetrate the colon wall and toxins are reabsorbed into the blood, lymph, humor, and interstitial spaces. Basically, the bowel function is reversed; waste is no longer eliminated totally but it infests blood and degrades the internal functions. Over the years partially digested matter, metabolic waste, residues of drugs, and other chemicals ingested with food, through the skin or by breathing, from cosmetics and cleaning products (detergents, shampoos, hair dyes, deodorants, etc.) are deposited in the intestines. All of these keep us apart from a healthy life.

A toxic and acid intestine will encourage the development of yeast and incubation of parasites. A clean bowel will encourage, instead, the colonization of “friendly” bacteria and of intestinal flora that is necessary for proper digestion.

  • Photo 1. This shows a normal intestine of a person aged 35-40 years that has never been cleansed. (This is a real photo, taken by colonoscopy).
  • Photo: This shows the normal intestine of a person aged 35-40 years, following a complex DETOX program performed at Infrafit clinic. (This is a real photo, taken by colonoscopy.)



Benefits of colon hydrotherapy:

Your colon starts working again in harmony with its nature. Under these circumstances a colon therapy means a rejuvenating treatment.

Colon hydrotherapy aids the detoxification of the whole body. It also helps regenerating the body and prevents disease.
It helps treatment of chronic diseases such as astma, diabetes, digestive disorders, headaches, constipation, obesity, acne and skin issues, allergies or irritability, bad breath, poor immune system, and weight issues.

Colon hydrotherapy helps relieve stress and mental fatigue by adjusting the body sewer system.

Why is colon cleansing recommended during a detox cure?
Headaches and fatigue during detoxification program show a toxic load exerted on the liver and internal organs. Cleansing the colon during the detox program helps eliminate toxins faster.

Food and drink intake before starting the Angel of Water therapy

  • Avoid foodsthat generategasfor two daysbefore treatment(if possible) and especially24 hours before. These foodsincludesugar,flourbased products(bread, pasta, cakes, ), alcohol, fizzy drinks(especiallyDiet Coke), vegetable and non-vegetable protein, and meat. Avoidingthese products -orat leastreducing the amount of their intake – will make the therapyeasier.
  • Hydrate yourself – drink 3 liters of water a day for a week before undergoing the treatment in order to ensure an optimum hydration level.
  • Drink liquid chlorophyll- chlorophyllis rich inmagnesium that helps relax the bowel, reduces gas, controls appetite(whichmay be asign oflack ofmagnesium).
  • Drink fresh vegetable juices that are rich in nutrients – theyhelprelieveintestinal contents:beet, carrot, ginger, celery, and


What to do and what NOT to do after the session:

  • Drink a lot of liquid, filtered pure water, fresh vegetables or fruit juices, various types of tea.
  • Eat light food in the first 24 hours after the session, for instance cream soup and cooked food.
  • Continueyour exercise program, if applicable.
  • Pay attention tobreathingand thoughts. Emotionalenergyis alsoaffected during the coloncleansing
  • Observediet in order to reducegasformationandfacilitate
  • Take adetoxbaththe night beforeacoloncleansing This will helpthe detoxification processby pushingtoxins out of theskin.
  • Avoid eating fresh vegetables for two days after the session. Steamed vegetables and fresh fruit are allowed.
  • Try to avoid eating meat for at least three days.
  • Remember thatyouabsorbnutrientsmore effectively, consequently take advantage of it and offer your body something useful!


After the initial series of treatments, our general recommendation is to continue with the treatment of colon every 4-12 weeks. Each person is different, so in some cases frequent monthly treatments are recommended, while in other circumstances, a treatment a semester is enough. Please consult your therapist in order to determine the most appropriate option for you.


It is essential that all customers take probiotics during the treatment in order to ensure a healthy intestinal bacterial flora. When the bowel is clean, you get rid of certain “friends” along with waste, mucus, candida, bacteria, toxins, etc. Probiotics provide digestive system with healthy bacteria and these bacteria also facilitate optimal functioning of the immune system.