Causes of Disease?

There should be some logic to approaching any type of chronic disease whether it be chronic migraines or cancer. Most people agree that it is important to identify and eliminate the CAUSES of the disease, before making any attempt to treat.

Most medical doctors are more interested in labeling the symptoms, called a diagnosis, and then using drugs, surgery or radiation to suppress these symptoms. In most cases this may be achieved, but if the causes to these symptoms are still present, then it is only a matter of time before further symptoms appear that are worse than the initial ones. Over time this process leads to further degeneration and chronicity.

At the Infrafit Centre we are interested in identifying and eliminating these causes as we believe that this is the only way to successfully treat the patient, not just the symptoms. After all, the real disease are all the causes, not just the symptoms.

The Infrafit Center’sTreatments are based on the concept:

  • Chronic diseases, including tumors do not develop in a healthy body with healthy defense, repair and regulatory functions.
  • Chronic disease, including cancer is encouraged by a specific internal environment which promotes its growth.
  • This environment develops due to multiple causes and conditions which vary from one individual to the other, this is why identifying and eliminating these causes is so important.
  • These causes usually remain chronically active even after suppression of the symptoms or removal of the tumor by surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. Hence, the high percentage of recurrence.
  • The Infrafit Treatment program places equal importance on the removal of the tumor itself and on the causes and conditions leading to the body’s tendency to develop malignant tumors.

If using the analogy of a Gardner looking at his sick apple tree with yellow leaves and thinking what to do. If the Gardner grabs a pair of scissors and cuts off the yellow leaves, the chances are that the following month the tree will produce even more yellow leaves.

The logical approach would be for the gardener to ask himself why the tree has sprouted yellow leaves and begin identifying the causes: soil deficiencies, fungus in the root, parasite infestation, toxic soil and so forth. Once these causes are identified and eliminated, then the tree will drop its yellow leaves and become healthy again.

This is the approach that we take at the Infrafit Centre – we test for the underlying causes of the symptoms and try to understand WHY they have their diagnosed disease. What we often come up with is a myriad of different causative factors – there is never a chronic disease with only one cause.

One of the main reasons why most patients get worse and worse over time no matter what treatment has been tried is that the causative factors to their disease are still present – no-one has really made any effort to identify them, let alone eliminate them.

The body can only repair and rebuild only AFTER the causes are identified and eliminated.