Biological Medicine, a chance to life


Biological medicine is the science, practice, and art of healing that is not only complementary or alternative, but a fundamental form of medicine that can help ANYBODY and can treat ANY disease. Its mission is not to suppress or put “Band-Aid” on symptoms. On the contrary! Biological medicine has a sole objective: it identifies the disturbances and imbalances in the human control system, reaches their origins and heals them.

Biological medicine is considered the medicine of the future and sometimes it represents the only chance at life or recovery. Biological medicine has managed in recent years astounding performance. Researchers, scientists, physicians, and patients put their hopes in biological medicine, considering that its results are simply unimaginable.

Biological medicine can help ANYBODY and can treat ANY pathology because it primarily addresses the causes of the disease, not the symptoms.

Biological medicine treats the “root” of the problem that is biological imbalances that allow the disease to manifest in the body. The most frequent chronic diseases treated and healed by biological medicine are the following: cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, allergies, chronic fatigue, asthma, neurofibromialgia, arthritis and arthrosis, neuroboreliosis (Lyme syndrome), endocrine and metabolic diseases, and infertility.

Biological medicine is not in any way a “new age” philosophy, but a type of medicine that has been used, improved, and refined over thousands of years by the great masters of history. Its very foundation is based on physiology and processes in the body up to the cellular level. By means of biological medicine we are able to identify the dysfunctions of the biological processes of the body and allow it to restore.

Unlikemodern medicinethat treatsthe symptomas an entityinitself,biologicalmedicine takes diagnosis into consideration, but its main goal is the identification of the CAUSE that triggered the disease.

For example: in the case of cough modern medicine recommends syrup or medication. In the case of a tumor, cyst, etc. modern medicine recommends its surgical removal. Biological medicine DOES NOT focus only on symptom manifestations (cyst, tumor, cough, etc.), but also on the real CAUSES that triggered the manifestations and symptoms. Because it does not matter if the symptom is suppressed since the true cause remains in the body. It will produce a relapse at a time.

Treating only the symptoms does not solve the problem and the natural healing process cannot start. Alleviation of symptoms can help temporarily, but it has no impact on restoring proper functioning of biological processes that are unbalanced. Symptoms approach works only when the body has the intelligence and ability to cope with the factor that produced discordancy.

Biological medicine focuses on stopping the disease process, regardless of its origin.

General health status of an individual is influenced by several factors, including diet, lifestyle, stress levels, nutrients, infections, emotions, and toxicity. A tired body needs a type of medicine that recognizes these variables and includes treatment options that addresses the entire process. Biological medicine can combine multiple medical systems in order to identify all factors that contribute to the existence of the disease and help the body regain health.


Inside our bodies various biological processes take place, all working at the same time. The interrelation of these processes determines how the body is able to defend and heal itself.

The physicians dedicated to biological medicine have understood that emphasis should be on the identification of the processes that create problems inside the body and not on the symptoms indicated by the processes.

Biological medicine starts from the belief that our body wishes to be healthy in an efficient way. If the body does not work optimally, that usually happens because it is undermined by an external factor. Adjustment mechanisms of the body are in a complex balance.

Biological medicine considers the symptoms, the degenerative processes, and diseases as being stages of the gradual decline of these mechanisms. We agree that diseases have more causes and that the ability of the body to heal can be activated if we address the process and the cause of the disease and the body receives the support it needs in order to regenerate.

Proper balance of the body = Health

Biological medicine is based on the idea that the normal state of health is defined as a balance between the body and its internal and external environments. Diseases and symptoms are rooted in an unbalanced body that does not have the ability to recover. This adjusting function of the body allows us to associate disorders and diseases with their biological processes. The decline of the adjustment mechanism is (in many cases) reversible, allowing us to regard our health optimistically, at any time of life. It is obvious that biological medicine is not a fountain of youth. We all die eventually, but we must and, mostly, we can live healthy and happily, for a long time and full of vitality.


Chronic disease is the most common disorder or disease treated by biological medicine. The most common chronic diseases treated and cured by biological medicine are the following: cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, allergies, chronic fatigue, asthma, neurofibromialgia, arthritis and arthrosis, neuroboreliosis (Lyme syndrome), and endocrine diseases.

Modern medicine focuses on reducing or eliminating the symptoms. This type of treatment is effective for diseases that can be cured by eliminating the symptoms and is most suitable for acute diseases, but it is inappropriate for millions of people suffering from chronic diseases. Drugs are used almost exclusively to treat the symptoms, still, the real causes still remain in the body. Side effects arise because the action of treating a symptom with a drug does not slow down the development of the disease and cause further imbalances in the body. For example: in the case of cough modern medicine recommends a syrup or medication. In the case of a tumor, cyst, etc. modern medicine recommends surgical removal. Biological medicine does not focus only on symptom manifestations, but also on the real causes that triggered the manifestations and symptoms. Because it does not matter if the symptom is suppressed since the true cause remains in the body. It will produce a relapse at a time


The biological medicine department at INFRAFIT clinic was inaugurated in December 2014 and is headed by Prof. Dr. Emilian Dobrea.

At INFRAFIT Center we offer our patients first class diagnoses that are 100% correct, along with treatment, training, and counseling. We treat the people, not only the diseases and we are aware that the medical issues of each individual are unique and important. Our aspiration is not only to treat you, but also to maintain a healthy life; this approach has propelled our popularity and reputation.

Our approach is revolutionary and yet old, if we look back in time.

In today’s world of modern medicine, the patient is rarely placed before the diagnosis. Conventional medicine first identifies the disease then treats the symptoms. Although this approach may temporarily alleviate the discomfort of a patient it rarely solves the main issue – THE CAUSE. Unfortunately, this method creates more conflict and disharmony in the body. Not only that the biological systems are suppresses, but there is also the struggle to process the medicines meant to alleviate symptoms.

In almost all cases, because biological processes have been compromised, the body becomes overloaded with toxins. It is extremely important for us to detoxify the body carefully and timely so that it can work in natural manner, for which it was meant. No battle can be won if the defensive body is weak, hungry, full of toxins, or poisoned.

At INFRAFIT we use the latest and most advanced biological methods and other methods meant to improve, regulate, and restore the balance of the bodies of our patients; this way the healing process can begin and continue throughout the rest of their lives.

At INFRAFIT, each patient is regarded as a priority and we understand that every person is different; the approach that the same size fits all simply does not work under these circumstances.

Once we understand the malfunctions in the patient’s body we can create a protocol that encourages and supports the body to balance itself and heal itself from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective. We are now able to act beyond standard practice by learning and using the latest medical technology in order to provide a complete cure.

At INFRAFIT, we do our best to offer our patients the opportunity to live the healthy lives they were meant to live; our medical team is very well trained and extremely concerned to offer you the support you need. They will ensure the comfort and safety for you to ask the questions that will receive the detailed explanations that you deserve. It is important to us that your healing process is an outcome of our cooperation. We are a team and we work together to give you back the good health that belongs to you.


Prof. Dr. Emilian Dobrea heads the Department of Biological Medicine at INFRAFIT and he is specialized in Endocrinology, Gynecology, Biological Medicine, and Bio-Frequency.

Prof. Dr. Dobrea is a scientific consultant and co-inventor of medical equipment that researches, offers diagnostics, and treats various diseases in a non-invasive, geognostic, and holistic way.

Prof. Dr. Dobrea holds numerous patents approved and recognized worldwide and is a member of the Colleges of Physicians in Italy and Romania – he has 45 years of medical experience.

For over 30 years Prof. Dr. Dobrea has been an assiduous contributor in various international research institutes and consultant physician of many prestigious hospitals in Europe and North America.

Prof. Dr. Dobrea has dedicated his life to research in order to help those with “intractable” chronic, complicated diseases. When modern medicine seems to say “I do not know” or “This cannot be done”, Dr. Dobrea perseveres and makes sure that “we will not stop until we find the causes”. Dr. Dobrea regards each patient as an individual, not as subject of a diagnostic. There are no identical protocols. He grants each patient as much time as necessary to provide them with a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the individual status and he does it with warmth and genuine desire to cure.