BIODREAM – The new frontier of health

The Mind-Body Integration system

bulina-01 What is BIODREAM?

BIODREAM is a Mind-Body integrated system that acts positively on psiho-neuro-imuno-endocrine aspects. It is a unique worldwide patented technology that focuses on psychosomatic adjustment through specific light spectrum in a totally noninvasive way.

Scientific research has shown that emotional state as well as the physical and mental vitality are strongly enhanced through the use of BIODREAM therapy

bulina-01 How does BIODREAM work?

BIODREAM achieves physiological and sensorial stimulation by combining several important principles:

– Systematic hipertimia (increase of mood) obtained through the action of infrared rays direct synchronized with the heartbeat.

– Exposure to a light source with broad spectrum

– Exposure to the action of electric generators filtered through optical filters that produce frequencies, which eliminate the deficient produced by artificial light.

– Source information of constructive entropy

BIODREAM alkalizes the body biological ground as measured through bioelectronics of Vincent

BIODREAM synchronizes the activity of cerebral hemispheres as measured by the electroencephalogram

BIODREAM increases the athletic performance

BIODREAM generates major improvements of the emotional conditions in people with anxiety or depression

BIODREAM generates improvements in reflexes and level of attention

BIODREAM generates a high increase in tissue oxygenation

BIODREAM generates improvements in people with sleep disorders

BIODREAM generates the eliminating of water retention and the loss in cm

bulina-01 What is the emotional state?

The most effective therapeutic tool in controlling and managing diseases, physical health, physical performance and aging.

Every human being has access to a certain amount of “vital energy” which is used in the process of facing and coping with lifestyle changes. Vital energy can greatly vary from an individual to another and can also greatly vary in the same individual according to his lifestyle and especially to his emotional state.

Medical research and studies show that stress factors may be associated with negative repercussions on health and immune response. On the other hand, positive emotions can significantly contribute to the beneficial effects on health and immune system One of the most effective therapies nowadays to treat emotional disorders and depression, such as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is the simple exposure to the sunlight or to artificial light with broad-spectrum of 32,33,34,35.

“It is surprising that people are not informed about the negative effects of traditional sources of artificial light of spectrum 25.

Artificial light with spectrum 25 is rich in certain frequencies that cause deficiency in psiho-neuro-imuno-endocrinolog balance. Light has a significant effect on the emotional level, physiology and behavior: some colors can stimulate, calm, balance, motivate or inspire. In Goethe’s thesis upon colors concept dated 1820 and developed before the existing of the artificial lighting 36, it was determined the hypothesis of attraction or repulsion towards certain colors based on mental, behavioral or endocrine characteristics or disorders.” Fabio Marchesi – inventor of the MIACT technology Biodream and InfrafitX systems; Scientist, Inventor, Writer, Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Doctor of therapeutic applications of light, and author of numerous books translated into over 70 languages, Engineer (ITS Fribourg, CH) and PhD in Computer Science (Univ. of Milan), Professor of hermetic philosophy

bulina-01 What leads to water retention or increase in total body fat?


Sweating is an important tool that the body operates not only for thermal regulation, but also to remove toxins from the body. For this reason toxins that the body fails to eliminate in the normal way are sent and stored in subcutaneous fat. If the quantity of toxins is greater than the body capacity of removal, then the body fat increases in order to accommodate the total quantity. A state of intoxication leads either to an increase in water retention (as water is retained to dilute the existing toxins in subcutaneous fat) or to an increase in total body fat. This way the body fat becomes a sort of “emergency discharge point” where all the toxins are sent, due to an overloaded or ineffective internal “cleaning ” system.

Dr. John H. Tilden , explained in his book ” Toxemia Explained ” that any pathology is nothing else than the effect of a state of intoxication. He also explains how the reduction of intoxication can generate huge health benefits but also reductions of body fat.

bulina-01 Where from come toxins?

Toxins may vary from the metabolic waste of the body produced by physical or mental stress, to the foreign elements that are introduced into the body from outside.

Through BIODREAM is generated systematic Hipertimia (mood increase) that stimulates the perspiration which is instrumental in improving the overall physical and mental health.