Facial radiance treatment Susanne Kaufmann

This is a type of treatment with incredible results that can be noticed immediately. It re-balances and brightens stressed skin. It is specially designed for the complexion undergoing the stress of modern life. It is rich in anti-oxidants; full of minerals and vitamins this purifying kind of treatment helps remove toxins, regenerates skin cells, and balances sebum production.

The treatment is adapted to the various types of skin and includes: face cleansing, skin tone, enzyme peeling, penetrating products massage, cocktail of masks, organic products for pH alkalization and detoxification of the skin, facial massage, décolletage massage, neck-massage, reflex or scalp massage.

  • Results: epidermis is clean, nourished, radiant, and balanced. Brightness and immediate rejuvenation effect. Microcirculatory special massage techniques are combined with concentrated organic products in order to smooth, sculpt, and restore skin radiance.
  • Susanne Kaufmann’s advice: this type of treatment is recommended for any age but especially for stressed and dull complexion. For best results, 2-3 sesions are recommended.