Anti-Aging (Basic) Treatment Anti-aging (Basic) Susanne Kaufmann

Facial for rejuvenation and brightness, with instant results. Organic products of line A (anti-aging) that include the highest concentration of active compounds are exclusively used. In combination with microdermabrasion with diamods, ATS procedure is based on painless subcutaneous stimulation that helps skin to regenerate rapidly and naturally. Micro-circulatory massage techniques are combined with concentrated organic products in order to smooth, sculpt and restore skin radiance.

After treatment, a concentrated serum with vitamins and a mask suited to your skin type will be applied.

The treatment is adapted to the type of skin and includes: face cleansing, skin tone, enzyme peeling, microdermabrasion with diamonds, penetrating products masage, cocktail of masks, line A (anti-aging) products, facial massage, decolletage massage, neck-massage, reflexo or scalp massage.

  • Results: skin is clean, regenerated, revigorated, firmer, and nourished. The texture is visibly finer and the wrinkles are smoothed. Hydration, firmness, and skin elesticity increase considerably after one session. Collagen production is activated and blood circulation is improved.
  • Susanne Kaufmann’s advice: this type of treatment is recommended for toneless, stressed, and aged skin. Sauna is not recommended before or after treatment. 4 sessions are recommended for best results.