Acupuncture is a very important branch of Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM), with a history of thousands years and results confirmed by modern science. In terms of historical documentation, acupuncture was first described in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine Paper” (Huangdi Neijing) – written around 300–200 BC. That medical practice then spread in Japan and Korea during the 6th century, then, in the year 1680, it was presented and described to the Europeans by Doctor Ten Rhijne, who was employed with the East India Company. During the first half of the 19th century, Great Britain and the U.S.A. started to show an increased interest towards CTM, consequently, in 1971, there was a huge information explosion and experience exchanges in the field; lots of American physicians traveled to China to study acupuncture.  It all happened because an American journalist, who accompanied President Nixon when he visited China, underwent appendicitis surgery and anesthesia was made by acupuncture. Subsequently, the journalist described and published the experience in China, in the “New York Times” and other well-known newspapers and magazines, drawing attention to the many benefits of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is deeply influenced by the Taoist philosophy, based on QI concept (energy), Yin-Yang theory, Five Element Theory, and Meridian Theory (special energy passes for QI).

Acupuncture therapy is performed by inserting extremely thin, disposable sterile needles, in meridian energy spots or special extra meridian points. Stimulation of energy system by acupuncture results in removing blockages and stagnation, leads to opening of energy meridians, stimulates the free flow of energy and harmonizes the internal organs.

Acupuncture has indisputable beneficial results in treating a significant number of diseases (please refer to the official list of the World Health Organization) and is, also, a very useful tool in facial aesthetics, stress release therapy and relaxation, as an adjuvant in “body reshape” programs, or obesity treatment.

In recent years, laser acupuncture has had an increasingly important role, with increased effects up to 20 %, since it is easier to be accepted by the patients who fear needles.

Infrafit Clinic has designed special, customized therapy designs that may combine acupuncture with Qigong (Chinese energy techniques) and Taijiquan, also with various other programs, such as detox, recalibration of energy efficiency, weight loss or antiaging, healing and regeneration, so the results may last permanently. The programs reach the three aspects that envision a happy life: physical, energetic, and spiritual.