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The INFRAFIT Clinic specialized in Detox and Biological Medicine – brings to the Romanian medical services market the most advanced bio-technological tools, diagnosis methods, therapies and treatment for healing and health recovery, but also for the prevention and maintenance of health.

The objective of INFRAFIT clinic is to support each patient in taking responsibility for their own health and in addressing a disease-free existence, unnecessary pain and without premature aging. The health of our patients is our only priority because we are aware that it is the only one responsible for self confidence, self empowerment, trust, enthusiasm, strength, joy and contentment. And all this generates a fulfilled life. Health, however, is not maintained by luck or pure chance. Like all things of great value in life, health must be cared for too, protected and maintained. This process can be difficult without proper guidance.

AT INFRAFIT, methods and programs are devoted to these goals.

The medical team includes specialists and consultants from all over the world, each of them coming to support the patient with a vast medical experience both in practice and in research, accumulated in countries and in medical systems that address the patient, not just the disease and who understand and practice the medical act in all its complexity.

The INFRAFIT Center was founded in November 2012 and, for one year, addressed exclusively the treatment of metabolic and nutritional problems, while offering comprehensive weight management programs.

In December 2013, after a long process of preparation and specialization, expansion and reorganization of both the location and the team, INFRAFIT turned into the only detoxification center in Romania at that time.

Starting with 2013, the INFRAFIT Center offers state-of-the-art services and therapies, state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment, as well as a complex team of physicians and specialists in this field. In the same year, a modern, raw-vegan, alkaline and antioxidant nutrition lab was set up.

In November 2014, there was another step in the development of the INFRAFIT concept through the inauguration of the first Biological Medicine department in Romania. Also in 2014, several collaborations with various laboratories in Italy and the USA were established, for undergoing some local investigations.

In 2015, the services expanded with the establishment of a non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic medicine department, gaining exclusively in Romania the accreditation of  the prestigious organic brand Susanne Kaufmann. From 2015 the center of INFRAFIT offers its own accommodation.

In 2016 a new department was set up, namely the Energetic Medicine focused on therapies and methods of healing and health recovery.

We expect you at INFRAFIT center, Str. Icoanei no. 40, sector 2, where, through technology and medical services of the highest quality standards, we continually support you to stay healthy and enjoy life! 

Raluca Iliescu Infrafit Center Founder

“The Infrafit Center was born out of my own health needs. In 2011, my life was radically changed, following a routine check-up that ended with a terrible diagnosis in classic medicine.

I went through a period of quests and queries, full of questions and answers, in which I tried to discover and teach myself my own lesson, in which I healed and totally reset my life: I gave up 12 years of corporate career in the tobacco industry, I founded this clinic, changed my priorities, learned what humility means, and realized that without God there is nothing and WE are NOTHING.

In this personal healing course of recovery I have discovered the mysteries of biological medicine and especially the fact that it represents the science and the art of healing, which is not only  complementary and alternative but a fundamental form of classical medicine.

Biological medicine can help EVERYBODY and can successfully address almost ANY disease, personally being a living proof of this. This is possible due to the approach to the real CAUSES that triggered the symptoms and obviously the disease. In biological medicine the symptom is not suppressed by an “adhesive” only. In biological medicine first addresses the REAL CAUSES responsible with that particular disease.

During this time I also understood what can stress generate in the body, but also what DETOX means in its true concept and how important it is to our health. Famous physicians from various corners of the world,  have taught me that regular detoxification of the body is not a fashion but an effective support in preventing and maintaining physical and emotional health. DETOX undergone in a correct and complex way generates a significant increase in energy and immunity, which gives the body the ability to destroy cancerous or precancerous cells. These types of cells occur frequently in the body, but a strong immune system and a clean and healthy biological field have the ability to destroy them.

I had the courage and determination to concentrate all my resources and all the energy to find the optimal solution that can connect all these new discoveries in a holistic coherence and biological logic.

And so the Infrafit Center was born; of my own own need and also willingness to offer others the possibility of proper diagnosis, treatment, healing, counseling, prevention and maintenance of health and well-being.”

Raluca Iliescu – Founder of Infrafit Clinic

Some of specialist physicians that support INFRAFIT clinic explain the benefits of biological medicine and the body’s detoxification process:

Dr. Emilian Dobrea Functional Medicine and Biofeedback Prof. Dr. Emilian Dobrea is a primary physician, specialized in endocrinology, gynecology, biological and integrative medicine.

“In Romania, at INFRAFIT clinic, I found immediate opening and understanding for what I do with my work. The founder of this clinic, Raluca Iliescu and I have a common approach, namely, to offer a chance for health and life in a non-invasive and non-toxic way. I can say that the selection of methods and technologies that perfectly match a biological and functional logic lies under the same roof at Infrafit both from the perspective of biological medicine and the concept of DETOX.

In terms of biological medicine, this is by no means a “new age” philosophy, but a type of medicine that has been used, refined over thousands of years by the greatest masters in medical history. His own foundation is based on physiology and body processes to the cellular level. Through biological medicine, we are able to identify the dysfunctions of the biological processes of the body and allow it to reestablish. Biological medicine has a unique goal: it detects CAUSES, comes to their origin and heals them.

People can handle almost any health problem, because biological medicine addresses primarily the causes of the disease, not just the symptoms.

Biological medicine treats the “root” of the problem, namely, the biological imbalances that allow the disease to manifest itself in the body. The most common chronic diseases successfully addressed by biological medicine are: cancer, auto immune diseases, chronic infections, allergies, chronic fatigue, asthma, neurofibromyalgia, arthritis and arthrosis, neuroborliosis (lyme syndrome), endocrine-metabolic diseases

As for the DETOX concept, it is ideal to follow twice a year such a program, which benefits are indisputable to the health of our body for cellular regeneration, and why not for the silhouette. Regular detoxification leads to the creation of a basic acidic, hydroelectrolytic and metabolic balance, which increases the immunity of the body by enhancing vitality and creating the premises of a biological age that is less than the chronological age.”

Dr. Mira Levine Intensive Care, Internal Medicine, Pulmonology Dr. Mira Levine

Specialist Physician & Head of Intensive Care Unit, Internal Medicine, and Pulmonology, USA Chicago – Mount Sinai Hospital
20 years of medical expertise

“Detoxification is not a fashion or a program dictated by preparing a holiday, a social event or public appearance. Regular detoxification, performed in specialized clinics, such as Infrafit that has its own systems and specific programs greatly help health and mood. This is what the Americans call ‘the real well being’. Infrafit Romania Center has implemented 100% of the American detox system, which means a big and important step for Romania, even for Europe.

As far as I am concerned, regular detox helps me maintain my mental and physical tone and also helps me not to show my age of forty- “something” years, especially given that my program as a physician involves sleepless nights and a constant discharge of adrenaline.”

Dr. Vasa Nicotera Cardio Vascular Surgeon Dr. Vasa-Nicotera

Cardiovascular Surgeon, Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and Pulmonology
Germania – Bonn – University Hospital
20 years of medical expertise.

“Thickening and hardening of arterial walls is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease and results in an accelerated and premature aging process of the vascular system. Among the greatest dangers, along with high blood pressure and diabetes, we can include fat consumption and smoking. A regular detoxification of the body followed by correct nutrition stops this degenerative process by cleaning the veins and arteries. If, when you are 30 years of age, your blood vessels are clogged, that means you are already old. Detox is not a trend. It is mandatory to undergo the procedure twice a year, especially if your lifestyle is not correct and healthy. At Infrafit center, the detox circuit is a complex one and in terms of detection, treatment or prevention, the stress is on a non-invasive approach whose basic principle is functional biological medicine.”

Dr. Marc Katz Alexander Cardiology and Intensive Care Dr. Marc Katz Alexander

Head of Cardiology and Intensive Care Unit
Germania – Willehad Hospital
20 years of medical expertise medicala


“Periodic detox is a fast way to cleanse the body of toxins and give it the possibility to regenerate, to increase vitality and immunity. Detox is recommended to all. Under the current life conditions exposure to harmful substances and an unbalanced lifestyle is almost ubiquitous, therefore a “sound” detox cure is necessary, at least twice a year. That is a necessity for anybody who wishes to live a healthy life and to look fine. My reason to say it is because the side effects of detox are rapid weight loss and skin glow, which many ladies love. INFRAFIT Centre follows the discipline of American programs, reliable licenses are used, along with state of the art technology patented in the U.S. and worldwide. Most likely, Infrafit has the most advanced bio-technology circuit around Europe at the moment.”

Calin Caluser MD

Breast Imaging Division Director, Medical Cook County Hospital, Chicago, IL, USA
30 ani de experienta in Chicago/USA

“Apparently a merciless disease, breast cancer can be defeated if detection is made in the early stages of the disease. Most cases occur in women living in developed countries, and increasingly younger.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that among the risk factors an important role is played by the accumulation of toxins and the environment, they both predisposing to the development of breast cancer, and other types of cancer.

Consequently, the weapons that are essential to prevent the disease or to defeat it are reducing the risk factors and of course periodic monitoring and an early and correct diagnosis.

Regular detoxification of the body is an effective weapon in maintaining health and preventing disease. Detox therapies along with a correct nutrition clean the body of toxins, increase the level of energy and strengthen immunity, which offer the body the capacity to fight against cancerous or precancerous cells. This type of cells appear frequently but a healthy body would always destroy them. The methods used at Infrafit are dedicated precisely to these goals. “

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