INFRAFIT Detox, De-stress & Lose Weight offers you an integrative approach to health and healing in all senses.

In inspiring you to find healing INFRAFIT have searched the world and teamed some of the best medical consultants who are all prestigious and caring doctors using a patient-centered approach. They all are experts in their medical domain and trustful hands for anyone’s health.

INFRAFIT Detox, De-stress & Lose Weight applies an extended vision of health and beauty offering you medical intermediation in some of the most prestigious places in the world under the most performing medical supervision and expertise.

In case you seek for a doctor or for a second medical opinion, medical investigations, surgery, plastic or reconstructive surgery, or just a place for annual medical tests and you feel like needing guidance …let us know!

We have access in the most prestigious hospitals and clinics in the world and we can intermediate anything for your health with some of the best doctors in their expertise field.
In Romania or anywhere else in the world!

You only have to choose the place and we take care of everything else.

This service is applicable to INFRAFIT guests only and the medical intermediation is 100% free of charge.

Note: The usual medical insurance does not cover medical services in USA and Switzerland.

Dr. Emilian Dobrea

Prof. Dr. Emilian Dobrea is a primary physician, specialized in endocrinology, gynecology, biological and integrative medicine.


Provita – Diagnosis and Treatment

Provita is a complex clinic offering full approach towards medical issues and patients. Provita is the local medical partner and clinical advisor of INFRAFIT Detox, De-stress & Lose weight


Dr. Alexandru Filipescu

MD Obstetrics and Gynecology Senior Researcher grade II MD at the University Hospital “Elias” since 2004. Generis – Gynecologic clinic, prenatal monitoring and fertilization in vitro


Dr. Claudia Teodorescu

MD Radiology and Medical Imaging Doctor in Medical Sciences Romania – Bucharest Clinical expertise: Mammography, ultrasound, senology imaging, CT, health management


Dr. Maria Iliescu Levine

MD Intensive Care, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care, Lungs & Breathing USA – Chicago Dr Levine is an expert in Pulmonary disease ; General Practitioner, Critical Care Specialist, Internist Clinical expertise: Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical


Dr. Calin Caluser

MD Radiology and Medical Imaging – 25 years of experience USA – Chicago Competencies: Radiology, Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology Clinical expertise: Mammography


Professor Dr. Mihai Radulescu

MD Urology, surgeon Germany – Saarbrücken Romania – Bucharest – consultations 2 times per month at Provita Diagnose and Treatment Clinical expertise: Specialist in Urology, Andrology and radiation protection


Dr. MED. Marc Katz Alexander

Chief of Cardiology and Intensive Care Germany Deputy Medical Director Clinical expertise: cardiology Willehad Hospital – Hospital Wilhelmshaven


Dr David Morris

MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery USA – Chicago Specialties: General Surgery, Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive, Surgical Services