REFLEXOLOGY – Duration: 30 min

  • What is Reflexology?

Based on an ancient technique, reflexology is a natural therapy based on Eastern medicine, which understands the disease as a disharmony in the body systems, and aims at balancing the functioning of every organ and therefore each system, maintaining the proper functioning of energy, good health and wellness.

Reflexology is not just a technique of foot massage, can also be performed on other parts of the body such as hands or ears (called reflex zones) . This therapy relieves chronic ailments and substantially improves the body´s overall condition.

  • How does reflexology work?

Reflexology wakes the organism’s sleeping forces and reactivates the organism’s defensive functions generating a positive effect on various systems and organs. Particularly suited for treating “heavy legs” and circulatory difficulties, sleeping issues, extra weight (pressure on certain reflexozones lessens appetite), normalization of hormones system activity.

There is evidence that certain points of the feet become more sensitive when there is a disease present, and massaging these points helps to relieve and even eliminate pain thanks to the connection between the different parts of the feet and the components of our body.